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Lisbon is land of culture that offers various adventurous activities too, where one can enjoy a lot and thus can relax apart from sight seeing. Golf playing, GPS-guided tours around Lisbon, Wine tasting, spending nights at a Fado house by listening to city's great music and an active participation in the beach activities are available for the tourists where the locals too get involved largely.


A night at one of the finest Fado house placed in Lisbon, by listening to the city’s famous brand of music and dance originated by the African slaves in the city is one of the greatest pleasures that one can have here. The atmosphere created out of such kind of music is characterized by songs of sadness and despair, which is indeed a great way to experience the local culture of the city.


A good intriguing mental game of Golf is possible at the various famous Golf courses that are scattered in plenty in Lisbon. Excellent & a number of golf courses are available especially to the south of Portugal with an almost perfect climate across the year. Estoril, Quinta de Marinha, Golden Eagle, Ponte de Lima, Estela, Troia & the Royal Golf course are some of the most famous, picturesque & frequently visited golf courses where numerous competitions & championships are held. Many fado clubs located in the Alfama and Bairro Alto are largely visited by the tourists.

Water Sports

Plenty of water sports around the beautiful beaches spread across Lisbon attracts a large number of tourists as well the local people, as it is a cool & leisure activity enjoyed by all. The shores give a feeling of being in heaven with its awesome locale that are filled with numerous water sports like swimming, diving, fishing, snorkeling, water-skiing, sailing and windsurfing. Rio de Aveiro, Douro Valley (right from Oporto to the Spanish border) & Peneda-Gerês National Park are some of the famous destinations for water sports.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is slightly different from routine activity which gives a platform to taste some of the best wines produced out of a variety of native grapes of Portugal & to gain knowledge about its actual production. A great deal of vineyards and wine lodges spread across the city actually adds to the economy of Lisbon and welcomes visitors which is an overwhelming experience to them.


The customary art of making tiles called as ‘Azulejos’ is a centre of attraction for craft lovers who visit Lisbon. The traditional local art could be learnt if one finds it an interesting task with the involvement of the locals of course.

Lisbon GoCars

Modern day activities in Lisbon include GoCars; a competition enjoyed immensely these days by speed lovers, which is often full of thrill and adventure.

GPS-guided Tours

GPS-guided tours around Lisbon are filled with fun which comes in little 3-wheeler convertibles.