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Lisbon is positioned on the right side of the Tagus River and is the westernmost city in continental Europe with an area of 84.6 km² and a population of around 564,657.

A Mediterranean climate and a generally sunny atmosphere throughout the year keep the summers warm with average daytime temperatures of 26°C - 29°C and Winters cool & rainy with temperatures around 8°C - 16°C.

The city’s historical city perimeter has many other major locations in its surrounding, viz- Loures, Odivelas, Amadora and Oeiras.

Lisbon city comprises of four districts, viz-Alfama, Cidade Baixa, Alcantara & Bairro Alto. These districts are known for the old structures built over there, for the devastating earthquakes, for the commercial aspects & for the modern constructions built therein.

The city is well connected by rail routes and has international air terminal at Portela Airport.


The city is culturally diverse as it has numerous historical monuments, museums, & institutions built across the city that gives significance to Lisbon as a tourist destination.

The city is rich in culture as it has been invaded by many and different civilizations in the past. Art flourished here irrespective of the destructive earthquakes to the soil & lives of the city people.


Lisbon has an annual rainfall around 6110 mm during October to April. Spring and summer are usually sunny while autumn and winter are typically rainy and windy. The maximum temperature is between 35ºC - 40°C and during July to August it is between 15ºC - 20°C.