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Lisbon, being the capital of Portugal, its economy is centered mostly across the city. Almost 45% of the Portuguese GDP is constituted by Lisbon alone. The city is not only the government but also the financial and commercial center of the country.

A wealthy territory of Portugal, the south bank of the Tagus River in Lisbon is heavily industrialized. The industries include textile, footwear, leather, furniture, ceramics, cork, oil refineries, petrochemicals, cement, automotives, shipping industry, electrical and electronics goods, machinery and paper industries.

Many multinational companies are headquartered in Lisbon, which increases the trade across the region. A large number of exports and imports pass through its harbor.

The city is also a developing sector in the area of science & technology and has a good media network.

Lisbon stock exchange and some part of pan-European Euronext system together with the stock exchanges of Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris is tied with the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) that forms a multinational NYSE Euronext group of stock exchanges.

Tourism is another important source of income which attracts millions of visitors across the world towards Lisbon.