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The Lisbon city is a famous place for its bars & clubs that fill the nightlife with an enthusiastic atmosphere where one can actually have a great time with brilliant & relaxing moments. Also the legalization of gambling in Lisbon gives a platform for numerous casinos across the city which is major attraction amongst the visitors for relaxation.
  • Alcântara-Mar
A trendy club that caters to the need of the young crowd offers a wide variety of music & good snacks in between. Besides this, a regular local band appearance highlights the DJ music.
Address: Rua da Cozinha Económica, 11-15, Lisbon, Portugal 1300149.
Tel.: +351 21 363 6432
  • Banana Power
A place known for its African & Salsa music has a distinct style that sets it apart from the rest. An ambiance is created by the dancers who are full of life which amuses you all night long.
Address: Rua Cascais 53, Lisbon, Portugal.
Tel.: +351 21 364 8485
  • Blues Café
Blues Café is located opposite to the river Tagus in the Docas area of Lisbon where one can enjoy a great night in a friendly atmosphere enhanced with music & Jazz.
A luxurious interior with four bars, a lounge area with relaxing chairs and a discotheque are its major attraction.
Address: 1300, Lisbon, Portugal.
Tel.: +351 21 395 7085

  • Brasileira
Brasileira is famous for the ancient & historic look that it portrays & for its coffee which is preferred by a mixture of artists, poets and free thinkers. A perfect blend of old and trendy atmosphere offers desserts & beer.
Address: Rua Garret, 120, Lisbon, Portugal 1200205.
Tel.: +351 21 346 9541
  • Casino Lisboa
A perfect place for entertainment, Casino Lisboa constitutes around 700 slot machines with gaming tables. Apart from this some great bars with restaurants is also there that caters to all the needs of visitors, be it food, wine or dance.
Address: Near Parque das Nações (Park of the Nations), Lisbon, Portugal.
Tel.: +351 21 892 9000

  • ChaPitô
ChaPitô is a well-known place for its crowd as different nationals visits it. Located in Alfama district and near the castle, the restaurant herein offers international meals and has a nice bar. It is a place from where one can get an astonishing view of Lisbon and can enjoy cinema, dancing, singing with Net JAZZ café and can access internet.
Address: Costa do Castelo, nº 1 / 7, 1149-079 Lisbon, Portgual.
  • Café Luso
Café Luso, situated in Bairro Alto, is a place that offers Fado music and Folklore performances in which the visitors take active participation. The club offers conventional Portugal food where the menu includes lots of green stuff.
Address: Travessa da Quasimodo, 10, Lisbon, Portugal 1200-365.
Tel.: +351 21 342 2281

  • Casino da Pavoa
Casino da Pavoa is one of the famous casino with 691 Gaming Machines and offers equally thrilling games that keeps the visitors full of amusement as long as they are there. No limit bets, bars, restaurants, swimming pool, tennis court and private gaming areas are the highlights of this casino.
Address: Edificio do Casino da Povoa de Varzim, Povoa de Varzim, Porto 4490-403, Portugal.
Tel.: +351 25 269 0870

  • Enoteca - Chafariz do Vinho
Enoteca - Chafariz do Vinho is known for its fine quality wine that it offers. Located in the old Lisbon, it is a bar with a great collection of wines that comes in flawless bottles. Here, one can taste a variety of wines from Portugal as well as an amazing collection from other parts of the world.
Address: Chafariz da Mãe d'Água, R. da Mãe de Água, Lisbon, Portugal.
Tel.: +351 21 342 2079
  • Kapital
Kapital is a famous club in Lisbon with six bars where the Portuguese celebrities visits often to spend some wonderful moments. A long queue at the entrance of the club is a common scene where the visitors queue-up for a glimpse of the Celebes.
Address: Avenida 24 de Julho, 68, Lisbon, 1200 Portugal.
Tel.: +351 21 395 7101
  • Lux
Lux is a stylish place created right out from a warehouse is located near Santa Apolonia train station. People often land up here in order to get noticed and to enjoy the dance activities. Nice place for the tourists too to spend some real great moments.
Address: Av. Infante D. Henrique, Santa Apolýnia
Directions: Near Santa Apolonia train station.
Tel.: +351 21 388 2089
  • 7 Mares
7 Mares is one of the most preferable and active place with a constant music & dance activity that keeps you thrilled. It also offers meal if one aspires so and that too in the middle of the night.
Address: Docas de Santo Amaro, Armazém 3, Lisboa 1300 Portugal.
Tel.: +351 21 395 1124

  • Models
Models have large sized dance floors which gives you a platform to fulfill your desire of tapping your feet throughout the night over the floors. A frequent change in music keeps the atmosphere lively.
Address: Travessa Teixeira Junior, 6, Lisbon, 1300554 Portugal.
Tel.: +351 21 363 3959