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Lisbon (Lisboa) hosts many events, festivals and cultural activities throughout the year. The year is packed with festivals and events starting from New Year, Kings Day, to Christmas. During the summertime, the festivities will surely keep you busy, occupied and entertained. Here is our guide for the best annual events and festivals celebrated, enjoyed in Lisbon.

Lisbon Marathon

The Lisbon Marathon (Lisbon Marathon EDP) attracts participants around the globe each year in October. It is one of the popular marathons in the world, established in 1986. It starts at Cascais and finishes at Praça do Comércio. Lisbon also organises Half-Marathon every year in March.

Lisbon Carnival

The Lisbon Carnival is celebrated with full of enthusiasm, street parades and parties. Traditionally, the carnival begins on the last Friday before Lent and ends on Shrove Tuesday. The parade on Shrove Tuesday is a major parade featuring colourful costumes, masks, live music bands and floats.

Great Orchestras

Lisbon becomes a place of grandeur with its enchanting orchestras that are world-famous. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation presents 'Grandes Orquestras Mundiais' series, which include BBC Symphony Orchestra, Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra from St Petersburg, Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, and the Simón Bolí var Youth Orchestra.

Lisbon Book Fair

Lisbon Book Fair is an open-air book fair that takes place in Edward VII Park. It has been a well-liked event of Lisbon since the 1930s that offers a breathtaking opportunity to the bookworms & the visitors where a great collection of old books, the latest publications and the comic books are on hand.

Estoril Open (tennis)

The Estoril Open (Millennium Estoril Open) is an ATP clay-court tennis tournament held in Cascais, Lisbon District.

The Festa de Santo Antonio (Festival of St. Anthony)

This is the annual procession in honour of St. Anthony celebrated in June, where millions of people participate. Illuminated streets glow with lanterns, streamers, and bonfires as a colourful procession of singers, musicians, and dancers exhibit their skills. There are concerts, puppetry, sports and exhibitions and lively street parties all over the city.

Avante Festival

This annual cultural festival started in 1976, is celebrated during the first weekend of September. Avante! Festival is organised by the official newspaper of the Portuguese communist party, where concerts and open-air theatre shows take place. Local and international artists display their talent during this three-day music festival. The traditional food offered here could be enjoyed across the event.

Dia da Liberdade (Liberty Day)

April 25th is the Liberty Day (Freedom Day) of Portugal. The annual celebration of 1974's Carnation Revolution is held in which a military parade, a marathon, and political speeches are organised.

Fia Lisboa

The Handicrafts Fair in Lisbon displays a good collection of handicrafts where a large number of Portuguese and international exhibitors showcase their creations.

Sintra Music Festival

The classical music and ballet is the highlight of the Sintra Music Festival. Performances are held at Olga Cadaval Cultural Centre, Sintra's palaces and estates, gardens, and parks.

Rock in Rio-Lisbon

Rock in Rio-Lisbon is a rock festival held in Lisbon. It is the world's largest music festival, held annually at the Parque the Bela Vista in Lisbon. The festival attracts some of the biggest names in music.

Arraial Pride (Lisbon Gay Pride)

Lisbon Gay Pride is the largest gay pride festival held in Lisbon. The celebration takes place in June with a colourful, fun-filled parade.

NOS Alive

The music and art festival is held annually in June or July at several places in Lisbon, Algés, Oeiras etc.

Festival ao Largo

It is an open-air festival offering ballet, music, opera performances for free.