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Lisbon Marathon

The Lisbon Marathon attracts more runners each year as its reputation extends as one of the best marathons in the world.

Lisbon International Marathon is one of the famous marathons in Europe that attracts big names. It starts in the Praça do Comércio and makes its way through three circular routes, viz- east, west and north. It ends returning to the start point.

Lisbon organizes Half-Marathon twice a year at opposite ends. The firestone starts in Almada on the 25 de Abril bridge and the 2nd race starts on the Vasco da Gama bridge.


The Rio Carnival is one of the major events that happen in Lisbon at Parque Naçõ es around the end of winter, which is full of life. Entrada is the highlight of the festival, where large & processions run across the streets of the city in which the locals and the tourists take equal participation by wearing colorful masks, enjoys music, and do a lot of cheering.

Great Orchestras

Lisbon becomes a place of grandeur with its enchanting orchestras that are world famous. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation presents its Grandes Orquestras Mundiais series in Lisbon's Coliseu dos Recreios which include BBC Symphony Orchestra, Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra from St Petersburg, Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra and the Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra.

Lisbon Book Fair

Lisbon Book Fair is an open-air book fair that takes place in Edward VII Park. It has been a well-liked event of Lisbon's since 1930s that offers a breathtaking opportunity to the bookworms & the visitors where a great collection of old books, the latest publications and the comic books as well are on hand.

Estoril Open

The ATP/WTA Estoril Open occurs in a stadium which is actually a draw competition that has almost €530,000 prize money that attracts millions of people in Lisbon.

Lisbon Village Festival

The Lisbon Village Festival displays music, arts, and film. There are normally three parts of the festival, viz- the VIDCF film competition, the Village Art & the Village Lounge. The VIDCF film competition showcases films from Poland and Japan, the Village Art features contemporary digital art exhibits & the Village Lounge is a complete entertainment package where the DJs and VJs perform the task of amusing the directors, actors, the press people, and the visitors as well.

Festival dos Oceanos

Festival dos Oceanos is a multi disciplined ocean Festival that promotes admiration of oceanography, Portugal's culture & Lisbon’s economic and social relations.

In the festival various shows, parades, regattas & exhibitions are held in which the locals take an active interest.

Festival of Santo António

This is the annual procession in the honor of St. Anthony where millions of people participate. Illuminated streets glow with lanterns, streamers, and bonfires as a colorful procession of singers, musicians and dancers exhibits their skills all over the city as a part of the festival.

Avante Festival

Avante Festival is organized by the official newspaper of the Portuguese communist party where concerts and open-air theatre shows take place. The traditional food offered here could be enjoyed across the event, with all the happenings that take place during the festival.

Dia da Liberdade (Liberty Day)

April 25th is the liberty day of Portugal. The annual celebration of 1974's Carnation Revolution is held in which the celebrations are held all through the city that includes a military parade, a marathon, and political speeches.

Fia Lisboa International Handicrafts Fair

The Handicrafts Fair in Lisbon displays a very good collection of handicrafts where around 600 Portuguese and international exhibitors take part to showcase their creations. Approximately 100,000 visitors come for this event.

Sintra Music Festival

In the Sintra Music Festival, classical music and ballet is the highlight. Performances are held at Olga Cadaval Cultural Center, as well as at several of Sintra's palaces and estates, gardens, and parks.